California Customs Attorneys

Hello, we are Customs attorneys who maintain a national practice - including in all California Ports of Entry.  

Our main California office is located in San Francisco, California (which includes the Port of Oakland, California.  We are constantly traveling for client matters, particularly among the other major California Ports ( Long Beach, California & San Diego California). 

Our practice in Customs and International Trade law is a federal practice that relates to all laws applicable to commercial goods sold and entered into U.S. commerce.  Most commonly, the Customs practice relates directly to compliance activities related to importing.  Our practice also implicates export controls and export compliance activities.  Our practice includes the various commercial law surrounding the sale of goods in the United States, such as, for example, various labeling, registration and licensing requirements imposed by federal and state agencies, investigations, audits, and enforcement actions.  Finally, our practice includes protection of IP for our clients, including federal copyright and trademark registration and their subsequent recordation with U.S. Customs.

The scope of our practice is nationwide; and we are fortunate to be in close geographic proximity to ports along the west coast of the United States including California, Washington and Oregon.

Regions near our California office include Oakland, San Francisco, the Bay Area & Silicon Valley, as well as other west coast customs ports, such as: Blaine, Seattle, Portland, Reno, Los Angeles/Long Beach SeaportLos Angeles International Airport (LAX), Anaheim, San Diego, and Otay Mesa.

The San Francisco practice is based in the landmark One Market Plaza in the heart of the financial district of San Francisco, California.  Our offices are minutes from the San Francisco Customhouse at 555 Battery Street, as well as the executive offices of the Port of San Francisco on the waterfront.  We find that our location offers us an excellent platform to facilitate discussions and filings with local Customs and Port officials.  

The San Francisco Customhouse is the service port for the region as well the base of the national CEE for apparel.  From there, the San Francisco Field Offices oversee all U.S. Customs ports of entry in Northern California, including the Customs Port of Oakland, San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Oakland International Airport (OAK), San Jose International Airport (SJO), and the Port of Reno.  The SF field office additionally provides oversight and management to other northern ports, including:  Portland, Seattle, Blaine, Sumas, and Anchorage.