About our activities:



Pro bono & trade outreach

We volunteer a significant of private advisory work, and work with associations in educational trade outreach events.

We support the local trade associations within the community that make these educational events possible.


California Minority Counsel Program

As a minority owned law firm we are proud members and supporters of the CMCP whose goal is the advancement of diversity within the bar.  


UN Global Compact

We are a signatory and contributor of the worlds largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative.  We believe in doing our part.  




Cost savings strategies

Supply chains are expensive, and therefore, saving just a little here and there can rapidly add into substantial savings.  We can assist with a number of techniques to reduce costs within the supply chain.


Supporting Exceptional Global/Local Work

Each year we support an organization doing important work in the world.  Past organizations include Kiva.orgCapes for Heros, and OneMama.org.



Antiquities and Art

Ownership, provenance, valuation, and origin are fundamental aspects of international trade, and all of these issues can be particularly acute with regard to shipments of rare art and antiquities.