ADCVD Wooden Cabinets, Vanities, and Components Thereof from China

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Overview as to Antidumping and Countervailing Duties (ADCVD) Investigation on Wooden Cabinets, Vanities, and Components from China

In March 2019, Commerce initiated the investigation against Chinese made cabinets, vanities and components. The American Kitchen Cabinet Alliance has alleged dumping margins that range from 177.36 to 262.18 percent based on at least 36 alleged subsidy programs (including provision of goods for less than adequate remuneration, loan programs, grant programs, tax programs, and export subsidy programs).

Commerce will next investigations whether wooden cabinets and vanities from China are being dumped and/or unfairly subsidized. The ITC will also investigate whether the U.S. industry and its workforce are being harmed.

  • The ITC will make its preliminary determinations on or before April 22, 2019.

  • Commerce’s preliminary CVD determination would occur on about May 30, 2019.

  • The Commerce’s ADD determination scheduled for August 13, 2019.

The scope language in this investigation is lengthy and can be referenced by Commerce’s factsheet.

Interested parties wishing to tender scope issues within the context of the investigation should contact a firm attorney immediately.





April 19, 2019: ITC: Preliminary affirmative injury determination. (Next up: ITA prelim. due by May 30).

March 27, 2019: Commerce: Initiation of the ADCVD investigation of Wooden Cabinets, Vanities, and Components Thereof from China

March 6, 2019: American Kitchen Cabinet Alliance: ADCVD Petition on Wooden Cabinets, Vanities from China.

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