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Consumer Products

The firm has represented importers of countless types of manufacturing materials, including:

  • Metals of all types

  • Wood, lumber, plywood, specialty wood, and building materials

  • Stone, Quartz, and other specialty products

  • Manufactured items: joists, pipes, tubes, brackets, screws, housings, cabinetry, etc.

As with all imported merchandise, the main import considerations and issues faced will include: admissibility, origin, tariff classification, valuation, and proper compliance with all other areas of federal and state regulation, depending on the specific product.

These types of items are frequently subject to ADCVD concerns. Curated information as to selected ADCVD matters can be seen from our main menu.

We are experts in U.S. import, customs, and international trade law. Please feel free to contact the firm is you have further questions


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