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ADCVD Fabricated Structural Steel from China, Canada and Mexico

ADCVD Petition Filed February 4, 2019

Domestic interested have filed a petition requesting that the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) impose both antidumping duties (AD) and countervailing duties (CVD) against structural steel products imported from China, Canada, and Mexico.

Actions to take

If you are an exporter of such products, you may have the opportunity to secure a favorable rate for your exported products via participation in future administrative proceedings. These proceedings are subject to quick timelines and legal representation is highly advised. Immediately contact a reputable law firm specializing in this area.

If you are an importer of such products, educate your suppliers as to the situation and recommend they secure legal representation.

Scope of the Petition

The products covered by this petition include carbon and alloy (including stainless) steel products such as angles, columns, beams, girders, plates, flange shapes, channels, hollow structural section shapes, base plates, plate-work components, and other steel products that have been fabricated for assembly or installation into a structure. Typical fabrication processes include cutting, drilling, welding, joining, bolting, bending, punching, pressure fitting, molding, adhesion, and other finishing processes. FSS is used in constructing structures such as buildings (commercial, office, institutional, and multi-family residential), industrial and utility projects, parking decks, arenas and convention centers, medical facilities, and ports, transportation, and infrastructure facilities.

Subject goods are classifiable under HTSUS 7308.90.9590, 7308.90.3000, and 7308.90.6000 and may also enter under HTSUS 7216.91.0010, 7216.91.0090, 7216.99.0010, 7216.99.0090, 7228.70.6000, 7301.10.0000, 7301.20.1000, 7301.20.5000, 7308.40.0000, 7308.90.9530, and 9406.90.0030.

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February 4, 2019: Domestics file ADCVD petition to DOC.


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