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We encourage those with skills and interests in international trade law to inquire with our firm as to opportunities. Please drop an email to AT@TradeLawCounsel.com, together with your CV, and a brief narrative cover.

  • Writing and communication. We are looking for professionals with an exceptional ability to communicate. At an advanced level, this also includes the ability to organize and distill complexity in order to structure a compelling argument.

  • Technology and Information. Our firm is dynamic, and leverages technology to provide exceptional value to clients. We maintain the ability to both communicate and work from anywhere in the world, while accessing a large number of research services, and government data exchange portals. An ability to learn and adapt to new electronic systems is critical. The ability to manipulate, digest and organize massive amounts of electronic information is part of our jobs. Our ability to rapidly absorb information, and turn that knowledge into valuable insights is important skill which sets us apart.

  • Diversity and Impact. Our clients do business worldwide, and their supply-chains impact real people worldwide. We take pride in knowing that our contributions are important to others. We value diversity, and a culture of professionalism, respect, and inclusion within our workplace.