Los Angeles Practice in International Trade and Customs Law

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We are Customs attorneys serving the trade community in the Greater Los Angles Area from our offices at 515 South Flower Street in Los Angeles, California.   

This location allows us to serve the business community in the Greater Los Angles Area, as well as to interact with government officials, such as the nearby Port of Long Beach, and the surrounding local facilities in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Ontario, LAX, Victorville, the Long Beach Seaport, Meadows Field International Airport, and San Bernadino International Airport.   

Our practice in Customs and International Trade law directly relates to the laws governing the international and sale of commercial goods into the United States.

Most commonly, our work relates directly to the act of importing or exporting; however, many other U.S. laws are additionally implicated.  Please feel free to follow visit our services page to learn a little more about our practice.

If you have questions, feel free to contact a member of the firm.